Excavators accumulating dust pose significant safety risks.

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Excavators accumulating dust pose significant safety risks.

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Excavators accumulating dust pose significant safety risks..
Excavators have now become indispensable equipment in construction machinery.
They alleviate tasks beyond human capabilities in various fields. In daily construction,
they are commonly used for tasks such as road repair, excavation, and creating drainage systems.
After an excavator's operation, it's crucial to perform a thorough cleaning of various components,
including the tracks, body, air filters, and bucket. This cleaning process is essential to ensure smooth operations
in future construction tasks. Neglecting this step could lead to malfunctions and issues with the excavator during operation.

Step One
Diesel Softens Grease
Pour diesel fuel into a spray bottle and apply it to the greasy area. Wait for 10 to 30 minutes,
then perform another round of scrubbing. For this step, you can use a wire brush to vigorously remove dirt.
Usually, the paint won't be affected.

Step Two
Heavy Oil Cleaner Softens Again
After using up the diesel fuel, pour in heavy oil cleaner and begin spraying. There are a few points to note here:
heavy oil cleaner has strong degreasing capabilities. Before use, test a small amount on the paint to ensure compatibility.
Some paints, due to poor quality or aging, might experience peeling and whitening after application.
Heavy oil cleaner is corrosive and can cause skin and nail damage, leading to discomfort and itching.
Make sure to wear rubber gloves and, if possible, protective eyewear. Consider purchasing a heavy oil cleaner that is gentle on hands if available.

Step Three
Softening for Cleaning Again
After spraying diesel fuel and heavy oil cleaner, the grease starts to soften.
Repeat the previous steps and scrape away the dirt once more. If some spots are still hard to remove,
you can use hand cleaner powder. This product is designed to remove grease stains.
Combine it with a wire brush to easily get rid of the stubborn grease that couldn't be removed before.

Step Four
Surface residual stains wiped off
Once the grease has been cleaned up, you might notice that the painted surface has some oily residue on it.
At this point, you can mix laundry detergent with water and use this mixture to wipe down the painted surface.

Step Five
Rinse with a High-Pressure Water Gun
Rinse the surface using a high-pressure water gun to achieve a thorough clean. If a high-pressure water gun is not available,
you can use regular water to clean gradually, and you can still achieve a satisfactory result.
If the surface is not completely clean, you can repeat the above steps.
The use of excavators has significantly increased the efficiency of industrial construction.
As long as the excavator is kept clean and its key operational components are maintained regularly, the lifespan of the excavator can be extended.
With the information provided above, I believe everyone now has a better understanding of this topic.

Excavators accumulating dust pose significant safety risks.

Excavators accumulating dust pose significant safety risks.

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